Annabelle Storch, OD, MA

OCOS: Orange County Optometric Society

Hello to all OCOS members!

I am honored to be serving you all as OCOS President over the next year. Our society is large and diverse, which only makes it all more fun. It is my goal for our society to always operate with each of you as our focus.
This year I plan for the board to take a deep look at our functioning and typical practices. I want to make an increased effort in ensuring you all are aware of our society’s important event dates as well as COA important event dates. I want the benefits we offer to be readily available and easy to access. We are also exploring what outside community and politically-related events our society may want to have a presence at. The board will, of course, also continue to provide quality continuing education and networking opportunities.
It has been a privilege working with the other board and committee members over the past few years. These individuals are incredibly dedicated and I know each person is needed to allow the society to function. We are a team bringing our strengths together. If you are interested in joining us then please reach out.
A last key piece to making our society work is our generous sponsors. They are here to help us all succeed. I hope everyone will remember our sponsors when thinking about your patients and practices.
In closing, I appreciate your trust with the responsibility of leading our organization. Still more importantly, I appreciate your membership and thus acknowledgement of the importance of organized optometry. We are definitely stronger together!
Annabelle Storch OD, MA



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